Westmont has experience with both U.S. and alien MGA and TPA applications, and provides guidance and assistance with all components of the application process. Our expertise is highly effective in helping clients navigate varying state requirements. We also track and renew licenses to assist with ongoing compliance matters. We can navigate the licensing of alien entities as well as U.S. based licensed corporate organizations.

Managing General Agency (MGA) Licensing

Westmont manages and completes the MGA licensing process in all affected states. Our guidance includes review and revision of agreements to meet state standards. We are the firm that does more than complete forms to allow our clients to benefit from our analysis and experience.

In the rapidly changing world of health care, Westmont works hard to get health insurance administrative organizations in compliance with the ever changing landscape.

Third Party Administrator (TPA) Licensing

Apply for licenses

Westmont can assist you with all of your TPA licensing needs. Westmont has an experienced staff to help guide your application process and to submit applications on your behalf. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

Westmont can add value whether you need to file TPA applications across the country or on a limited basis. Our goal is to take the stress out of the licensing process allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

License Maintenance

Westmont offers full renewal and reporting services to keep your TPA licenses up to date. We track renewal and reporting dates, prepare applications, and submit information to state insurance departments on your behalf.

Ongoing Compliance

Westmont tracks changes in state insurance department requirements to keep your TPA in compliance. Our compliance experts provide you with the prompt notice you need to stay ahead of a shifting regulatory landscape.

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