Because laws and regulations vary state by state, obtaining licenses or certificates of authority can be a challenge. At Westmont, our company licensing team experience allows us to assess an insurer’s ability to meet state requirements and to recommend paths to success. Our name recognition within every state enables us to easily navigate this complex and time-consuming process. We are aware of all state requirements, waivers, deadlines, minimum standards and latest trends. You can count on us to stay current on new requirements that affect your business. Our educated and experienced preparation work goes beyond form completion to create an application which reduces state review delays. We vet our insurer applicants using expected state standards and provide management feed back to our clients.. You will always receive an honest and realistic assessment from Westmont. The ultimate result is speed-to-market. Government relations is included in our approach in all states. Our team is comprised of accountants, former regulators and licensing specialists with attorney in-put as required.

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